NEW: Saved views

Not so long ago, we introduced a new query builder feature, which enables business users to create filters to slice and dice data. It’s proven very popular and thanks to everyone’s feedback, we’re now rolling out a series of enhancements building upon this functionality.

This week, it’s ‘saved views’. Now, you’ll be able to design your filter and give it a name – so that you and your team can have lots of different views at your disposal and each choose which one you want to look at, for any given time – swapping between them. For example, you might have one for ‘Exhibitions’, another for ‘Education’ and another for ‘Events’. Your saved views will impact all related visualizations, providing a quick way to look at different aspects of the business.

To create a new saved view:

  1. On the top right hand corner of enabled visualizations, you’ll find a cog settings icon.
  2. Hovering over, a tool tip will show you a query is applied.
  3. To edit the query, click on the cog and the query builder will pop up.
  4. In the query builder, click to expand and explore your product catalog.
  5. Select or unselect products to your preference, give your query a name and then click [OK].

You’ll see all of your related data on your entire dashboard – not just this visualization – will be updated to reflect your chosen query. These changes will persist, meaning they’ll still be here when you login next time.

Even better, account administrators can edit the default view for the venue, which will automatically apply for new users as they’re added in future and anyone who hasn’t made another selection yet.

Release date: October 10th 2018

Coming up next we’ll be working on applying filters to WiFi zones and experience types.