SIMULATOR: Scenario contributions and demand curves

When creating and reviewing scenarios as part a COVID-19 response, one of the first questions asked is the contribution that each assumption has towards lost visitation.

With the addition of three contribution analysis visualisations in the scenario simulation tool for premium users of Dexibit, you’ll see these contributions moving before your eyes as you adjust the assumptions.  Separated into controllable considerations such as capacity limits and opening hours, versus considerations outside of your control such as reopening dates and tourism, you’ll quickly be able to identify the most critical assumptions to monitor and review as the context around you changes and scenarios need to be reviewed.

Also in this recent release, you can apply an altered demand curve to returning visitor numbers upon reopenings. Perhaps you are an outdoor venue and expect a lift in demand as lockdowns lift, apply the pent up demand option. If you’re move conservative or the region you are in has been significantly affected, slow growth upon return might be more appropriate as the public are hesitant to return to public spaces. Adjust the length of the altered curve using the slider within the control.

*Contributions analysis is a paid feature, available on Simulation+ or Premium plans.