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Backend Engineer

To apply for a role at Dexibit,
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Level             Open
Capacity      Full time
Type              Employee
Location      Dexibit’s Auckland office or remote in New Zealand
Reports to  Chief Technology Officer 

Who we are and what we do

Do you love dinosaurs and data? At Dexibit we’re a kiwi Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing big data analytics to visitor attractions. From museums to zoos to theme parks, we work with big names such as the Smithsonian alongside your favorite places here at home like MOTAT. We’re a diverse, empowered team who have collected a fair few awards in our time from HiTech, NZIBA, TIN and more!

Dexibit predicts and analyzes visitor behavior to help bring more visitors through the door, engaging and coming back. Our product includes forecasts, insights and dashboards equipped with machine learning, natural language and more. We serve predominantly larger venues through an enterprise sales business model balancing enterprise and government accounts with mid market volume.

There’s never been a more important time to help the world’s culture and entertainment sectors as they recover after COVID-19. Being early in our journey, internationally focused and with an exciting modernization program underway too, there’s lots of opportunities for career growth.

Engineering at Dexibit
As a SaaS company, our technology is our product. We work in a highly collaborative environment with cross functional teams, following agile methodologies. Our engineering teams specialize in backend and frontend development as well as data science and data engineering. We place a lot of importance on empowering our team through our discovery and delivery practices, while evangelizing and continuously improving how we approach our work.

Dexibit is an enterprise grade solution platform comprising a user application for analytics, packaged together with an emerging data automation platform (integrating with over 60 sector specific applications), and an industry applied machine learning model set too. Our users are primarily business personas from visitor service operations, finance and marketing, though we are working on our appeal to technical buyers and users and our industry is becoming increasingly data mature.

We have an amazing engineering team achieving beautiful things at Dexibit – we’re much of the way through a significant modernization which will bring us into an exciting position to innovate and be a leader in our field.

Our current business strategies are to serve enterprise customers, differentiate ourselves with a unified machine learning model and productize our data automation platform. In support of these, over the past couple of years we have initiated three parallel major programs aiming at bringing our product to the top of its game using a modern tech stack. Firstly, our customer facing application has been through a complete revamp with a next generation experience and incremental improvements based on our learnings from customer feedback. Secondly, we’re also completely rethinking our data ingestion platform and data stores in order to automate most of the processes and bring more transparency and control to our customers’ data. Thirdly, our data science team has recently been introducing a new machine learning pipeline infrastructure to support us in providing new and improved forecasts, including unified models.

Our engineering teams work in a variety of languages that include Python, Kotlin, Javascript (React and NodeJS), and Java. We manage work through Jira alongside Bitbucket for version control and deployments with a goal to have infrastructure as code in each repository. Other tools and services used to support the development and maintenance of our product include AWS, Datadog, PagerDuty, DataBricks (for our machine learning pipelines), Confluence and Lucidchart.

What you’ll get up to
An integral part of the Product Engineering team, the Backend Engineer is responsible for building and maintaining Dexibit’s own Data Automation platform, made of multiple modules for storing metadata, identity and user/account information, etc. You will be working on databases, API’s and all the way to pushing the limits of what technology can do.

In discovery mode, you will be working closely with product and design teams to understand our customers’ needs. You will collaborate with engineers to design technical solutions during elaboration sessions, in an effort to pursue effective solutions that are valuable and viable. You will also participate in sprint planning, helping create technical tickets, estimating and prioritizing them. In delivery mode, you will be coding and solving hard problems. Part of your time will be dedicated to helping others through code reviews, mentoring and pair programming. Communicating with your team and stakeholders will be second nature to you, keeping everyone informed in a timely manner of your progress.

In addition to the sprint cycle, each week our team gathers for fun social events such as kitchen teas, brown bags and happy hours. Once a quarter the wider company team assembles for a comprehensive business review to provide strategic context and the chance to connect with other aspects of the company – plus our legendary team building outings which take us out to enjoy unique visitor experiences first hand.

Our team is huge on personal development, so you’ll enjoy regular team meetings with other engineers to talk about new technologies, best practices and any other nerdy subject you’re interested in that will help you and everyone else keep their minds sharp. We provide opportunities to take you to new technical places, and the chance to share your own knowledge with the team. Each week, you’ll also have a regular 1:1 chat with your manager to make sure you’re always growing and learning.

Key responsibilities

  1. Building and delivering new features, maintaining existing services, fixing bugs, participating in incident responses (during work hours for the time being)
  2. Designing and planning future work, in collaboration with engineers, product owners & product designers
  3. Writing well designed, tested, scalable and efficient code following best practices
  4. Working on shared development operations, including common services, shared libraries and tools, release management, documentation and engineering processes
  5. Providing support and learning opportunities for other team members through code reviews, pair programming, demos, brown bags and mentoring
  6. Participating fully in agile activities, including standups, solution discovery, sprint planning, and retrospectives
  7. Being proactive in your own personal and career development

What you’ll bring

  • A strong technical Java background (e.g. Spring, Spring Boot or CDI) and experience with microservices and industry best practices
  • Experience with and a solid understanding of SQL and relational databases
  • Experience with designing and developing RESTful API
  • Experience in continual business process improvements through incremental changes (DevOps)
  • Experience or interests in using cloud infrastructure services, particularly AWS, and deployment technologies such as Docker and Ansible
  • Proficient in using modern tools such as git, gradle, docker,A good understanding of SOLID principles
  • A good understanding of code techniques which contribute to reliability, maintainability,
    readability, simplicity, performance, and testability of software
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design, functional programming, and computer science fundamentals
  • Knowledge (or desire to learn) of Kotlin or Python is a welcome bonus

In the pursuit of customer oriented and product focussed engineering, you’ll need an understanding of the following practices:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery objectives and tools
  • Lean and agile work approaches
  • Design patterns and principles
  • Code review philosophies

Download Visitor Excellence Kit

Download Visitor Excellence Kit

As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

Download Data Audit Workbook

Download Data Audit Workbook

As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

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As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.