SIMULATOR: Simulate visitation scenarios in the face of COVID-19

With so much uncertainty on the horizon and a complex web of conditions and assumptions to consider, simulating impacts to visitation lets your venue minimise uncertainty and prepare distinct decision sets.

Dexibit’s Scenario Simulator combines machine learning predictions with manual condition control to imagine a range of different futures.  With at least a year of historic visitation in the Dexibit platform, our proprietary visitor attraction specific machine learning model will predict what visitation would have been without the impact of COVID-19 creating a baseline from which to apply assumptions using the on-screen controls.

Simulate different reopening dates, rolling closures or altered operating hours.  Scale visitor origin from international or domestic locations, apply capacity limits or vary the returning demand upon reopening.  Use the Dexibit situation reports or create your own view.

With your scenarios in hand financial leaders can confidently manage risk and adjust plans.  Marketing teams can strategize on how to influence demand and operations or visitors services leaders can ramp up and reschedule resourcing.

This module is included for all Dexibit customers, and will be made available at no charge for the industry with limited functionality.  As the module is in BETA mode, there will be additional functionality coming soon including saving and comparing scenarios for full Dexibit customers.  

For those new to Dexibit who wish to sign up to the BETA program, please register your interest here.