SIMULATOR: Simulate visitation with custom segments

One of the great joys of working with software under very tightly focused conditions is the ability to quickly adapt a solution to respond to feedback. Our latest assumption in the Simulator is a direct result of this process. 

Whilst the existing controls relating to visitor origin have been popular, we’ve had feedback that some venues just don’t have this level of detail. Others immediately saw the possibility to apply this type of thinking to other slices of their visitor data but each venue had their own specific request… Whether it’s fewer tour groups, school groups, senior visitors, or walk ups with the custom segment control you can create a range of segments and use these to scale the impact within your scenario. This brings the flexibility for each of you to set your segments as best for your venue.

With great power comes great responsibility. Something to avoid is accounting for visitor within multiple controls.  For example, if your school tours groups are included in your demographic data as children, or perhaps in your total of local visitors, then you’d want to scale one or the other, or separate these into mutually exclusive sets.