SIMULATOR: Simulating revenue

With your various scenarios in hand, the next natural question is what that might mean for revenue.

To assist with simulating revenue you can now enter an assumed average revenue per visitor, sometimes called a ‘per cap’, either overall or by line of business. With these assumptions closely tied to those related to visitation, this is all done within the same screen and you can use the handy drop down to switch between visualizing either visitation or revenue. 

Perhaps your international visitors traditionally spend more than locals. In a scenario with fewer international visitors set an assumed per visitor revenue as lower. You might be assuming a lower dwell time with capacity restrictions in place and so your average revenue from an onsite parking line of business may be lower. Conversely if you’re expecting higher visitation from drive in locations, you may see parking times and therefore average revenue increase.

As with visitation based assumptions, consider the relationship between your assumptions and workshop these with your wider team to identify the range of scenarios.

*Revenue simulation is a paid feature, available on Simulation+ or Premium plans.