SIMULATOR: Save and compare scenarios

With so many assumptions to stay across and a high degree of uncertainty all around us, being able to quickly adjust assumptions and immediately see the impact means we can quickly assess and respond to change.


Save scenarios

By saving a range of base scenarios such as best, mid and worst case, or a different set of assumptions for each quarter, you can easily change your view and apply these adjustments as needed to minimise the time spent crunching numbers and maximise the time spent planning and responding.

When saving scenarios, these will be available to all users within your account so that you can ensure alignment across the team.

To save, click the save icon in the top right corner and enter a name. If you are adjusting an existing scenario, you can overwrite the previous version. You can also delete scenarios from within this control. Load scenarios from the drop down within the ribbon.


Compare scenarios

With a range of scenarios created and saved, comparing these is the next challenge. For Dexibit subscribers to any paid version of the Dexibit product, scroll to the bottom of the page to compare all saved scenarios in one view. Here you can easily see if a set of assumptions creates a similar output to another scenario, or whether the changing environment and therefore changing assumptions, collapses or merges the number of scenarios being planned for.

This view is also useful for those venues looking to apply different assumptions to different time periods. By downloading the CSV file of all saved scenarios, you can select simulated visitation numbers for different date ranges and stitch together an evolving landscape.