SIMULATOR: Simulate membership

With significantly different visitation ahead, understanding how this might play out across membership numbers is a topic of conversation amongst many venues.  By taking the current membership number as a starting point, and entering two key assumptions in the membership control, you can get a picture of changes to membership on a monthly basis.

First, enter an assumed conversion from visitation; this is the percentage of visitors that you expect to sign up to become members.  Start with what you know from historic patterns or change this assumption based on your local situation.  In areas with a high economic impact, this may be lower than usual, or with more local visitors rather than tourists, you may see this increase as locals who might otherwise have travelled to other cities make the most of their local attractions.

The second assumption is an assumption for the percentage of members who will cancel their membership, lost or churned membership. If this is higher than the number of new members you may see a downward trend in membership which will need to be taken into account in your budgets and prompt a focus on communicating the value of membership to your venue.

To see the impact of your assumptions, select ‘Membership’ in the Scenario visualisation drop down menu.