Deliver unique insights for your members

For industry associations, tourism authorities and cultural funders,
establishing a data informed view across the partner base is time consuming, complex and hard work.

With Dexibit, quickly and easily collate data from your constituent venues while
delivering unique and exclusive insights for members and other stakeholders.

Benchmarking for the 21st century

Surveys only capture data from a single point in time.

With Dexibit, members can individually upload their data year round and receive access to our free dashboard. Aggregate this data so you can report back to your member base, benchmark in real time and collate for lobbying.

As your members reopen, see their COVID-19 recovery based on visitation compared to the same time last year. Have the right data on hand to advocate for and provide relevant information to your members.

Manage data submissions from member venues

Work with Dexibit to recruit, administer and manage participants.

Easily collect and analyze your member’s visitation metrics for reporting. We’ll replace your spreadsheets, calculating sums, averages and more, presenting findings in interactive visualizations.

Segment association members into groups for deeper analysis

Group members by size, attraction type, geography and more for more contextualized insights.

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