TECH: Major upgrade to development framework

Although we regularly release updates each week to add data visualizations and new features, every few years the development framework on which the Dexibit platform is built requires a version upgrade. On Sunday September 2nd EST, Dexibit underwent a major – yet smooth – upgrade to our underlying technology, a move that has been in the works since earlier this year.  This upgrade only impacted the Dexibit user facing application and did not touch the data stack.

Given its significance, this upgrade took place using a planned outage of 1 hour (for which users were advised of prior via email), scheduled at a time outside of regular business hours for each of the continents Dexibit operates in – a challenge between Asia Pacific, North America and UK Europe.

This upgrade provides an important foundation for the development of new modules scheduled for later in 2018, alongside a transformation of the user experience design of our reporting module, coming soon.

In addition to providing a path forward for development, this upgrade allowed us to provide for a few frequently requested enhancements which users may notice when logging in next, such as:

  • Improved reordering on dashboard and reporting cart sorts when using the data visualization library
  • Improved usability for warning and error messages
  • Being able to navigate back using browser controls when expanding visualizations (as opposed to just minimizing)

We also took the opportunity to refresh a few things, like our login splash screen, which was long overdue for a facelift.