Understand onsite visitor behavior

Location Analytics has long been one of the most popular features within Dexibit. The unique insight into what visitors are actually doing onsite intrigues and inspires decisions from wayfinding choices to staff deployment.

Up until now, Dexibit has displayed all data from all visitor devices, whether those visitors have connected to the venue WiFi or were probing or scanning the network.  Recently some venues have noticed disruption to this data as MAC randomization becomes more prevalent (read more about the technical side of this here). In response, we have launched the ability to filter device connection status for Location Analytics in the Insights module and within relevant visualizations on the Dashboard or Reports.


Filtering Location Analytics by device status

As an account administrator you can set the default view for your venue in the Rules section of the Venue module.  Navigate to the Presence tab and select your preferred view.



As a user, even if your account administrator has set a default view, you can explore the difference between connected devices, all devices and those devices that are not connected using the query builder accessed via the cog icon in the top right of any Location Analytics visualization. This selection will not persist between sessions to ensure that you are viewing the venue’s preferred rule by default.



The filter applied will display underneath the visualization title so you can always be clear on the filter applied.