VENUE: Group ticket data

Beneath the surface of time consuming manual reporting, data from ticketing systems can be quite complex. For some venues, there are hundreds, if not thousands of line items within those systems, which when integrated into a platform like Dexibit produces a view containing a level of detail that is often hidden out of sight and out of mind. Bridging the gap between transparency of the detail, whilst creating useful insight from the aggregated view is now possible within Dexibit Dashboards and Reports using the ticket grouping functionality within the Rule section of the Venue module.

If the legend items on your ticket visualizations look overwhelmingly long, talk to your Dexibit Success Rep to assist you with configuring these groups for a streamlined view.

Once your tickets are grouped, use the Master Ticket by Product Group (#259) and Master Ticket by Type Group (#258) in your dashboards and reports for that streamline view.