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Visitor privacy at our venues

Dexibit provides data driven insights to cultural institutions.

In visiting a Dexibit enabled institution onsite or online, we may collect usage information about your visit on the institution’s behalf, to assist them in better understanding and improving the experience for all visitors. Below, you’ll find more information on what this means for you.

Dexibit aligns with the Mobile Location Analytics Code of Conduct.

By visiting an institution powered by Dexibit, we will aggregate anonymous usage information on your visit from the following elements of your experience:

  • Visiting the institution’s physical venue
  • Visiting the institution’s website
  • Using an institution’s mobile app
  • Interacting with the institution’s social media accounts
  • Making a monetary purchase or transaction
  • Subscribing to an institution’s newsletter
  • Becoming a member of the institution

When we collect information about your visit to a venue for analytics purposes, we will aggregate this data so that it does not personally identify you and we do not append any additional data to any unique user profile. Please note your institution is likely to use cookies and may identify your IP address. If you download a mobile app, they may record general information on your download. Onsite, they may use Dexibit hardware accessories or their own WiFi network to collect depersonalized, deidentified location information from mobile devices.

For onsite data, Dexibit detects the MAC address of present mobile devices, associating this with a date and time stamp, as well as a zone based location. It is common for mobile device operating system randomizes your device’s MAC address to protect your privacy. MAC addresses can also be hashed at the device source. Dexibit deidentifies this data by not attempting to infer information or link to a particular consumer, computer or other device. It also takes measures such as aggregating data and statistical sampling. Dexibit depersonalizes this data by taking measures to ensure the data cannot  reasonably be linked to an individual.

Dexibit makes a public commitment to maintain depersonalized data and not to try to reidentify data and contractually prohibits downstream recipients from trying to use data to identify a particular individual or reidentify data.

Dexibit uses data to report on your experience to the cultural institution and sometimes, to help your institution personalize things near you to improve your visitor experience. In addition to the above forget me facility, you can also control this by turning off your WiFi and Bluetooth, setting your web browsing to private and uninstalling any apps provided by the institution.

You may choose to share your personal information with your cultural institution, including your name and contact information. Your cultural institution should let you know what it will use that information for, and check with you before using this information. If any of your personally identifiable information is collected by your cultural institution, your express permission will be sought. Their handling of your personal information is subject to their own terms and privacy policy. Where your digital visit involves a third party solution, such as your cultural institution’s website, app or social media, their handling of your personal information may be subject to the third party’s terms and privacy policies.

Dexibit will retain this data for the length of its commitment to the institution. We won’t rent or sell your personal information to third parties for promotional purposes. However, if we are required by law or if we believe it necessary to protect our rights, we may disclose your information to a legal process or proceeding.

Any questions about your privacy at your institution should be directed to the institution in the first instance.

For more information and to log a request with the industry’s Central Opt Out facility, see