Visualize your attraction’s progress against long term goals

Slicing and dicing different views to track the progress of goals with a longer timeframe can be cumbersome. Whilst the Dexibit Goal Burn Up visualization (#104), shows you how you’re tracking towards your goal overall, which is great for those with a longer term perspective, it can be hard to understand trends by day, week or month to respond to under-performance with tactical changes.


Introducing the Goal versus Actual Master visualization (#231)


This visualization is ideal for viewing performance against goals with longer time periods such as annually or quarterly. The goal displays as a bar chart with a target broken down over time with daily, weekly and monthly measures of performance.  

As a Dexibit Master visualization, you can expand this to a full screen view (by clicking on the two-arrowed icon on the top right hand corner of the visualization) to see summary statistics and a table of periodic totals over time.


An expanded view of the Goal v Actual Master visualization


Use this visualization alongside the Goal Burn Up (#104) for a full picture of how you’re tracking towards your goals.


Goal v Actual Master visualization (#231) on the left and Goal Burn Up (#104) on the right


Note that this visualization is only suitable for goals where performance builds over time such as visitation, not goals that have a consistent level to maintain such Facebook followers.


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