What impact do activities have on visitation?

This triptych of visualizations answers the question of whether a particular activity drew in more visitors to your venue than predicted for the different activity types: exhibitions, experiences and events.

Activities are defined as follows in Dexibit:

  • Exhibitions: permanent, temporary, special or traveling exhibition – visualization #161
  • Experiences: tours or rides (think rollercoasters, tram tours, gallery guides, escape rooms, overnighters and zip lines) – visualization #240
  • Events: suitable for things such as sports games, pop concerts, performing arts or speaker series – visualization #238

The impact of activities is a positive or negative uplift and is displayed as a percentage difference for ease of comparison.  It is calculated by looking at the duration of a single activity and evaluating how actual visitation to the venue compared to that predicted.  The uplift is displayed for each activity entered in the Almanac in the selected date range.


Exhibition uplift from forecast (#161)


Experience uplift from forecast (#240)


Event uplift from forecast (#238)


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