Big data analytics for visitor attractions

Increase visitation and power efficient growth with Dexibit’s turn key solution.

All your data in one place

Bring together footfall, ticketing, WiFi and more.

Insightful data visualizations

Create your own visualizations or use one of ours.

Data science magic

Discover untapped value with an industry focus.

Free: Visitation dashboard with industry benchmarks

Analyze your venue’s COVID-19 recovery with Dexibit’s unique Recovery Index.

Assess your organization’s visitation compared to the equivalent time last year and rate of recovery. Then, compare your results with peers globally and locally.

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Overcome data silos in your organization

Reduce time to insight and get everyone in your organization on the same page, in their own way.

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Predict visitation, revenue and more, down to the hour and up to a year ahead

No more manual forecasting. Let artificial intelligence do the hard work while you plan for the future.

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Actionable insights to optimise growth, experience and loyalty

Uncover data stories that inspire. Use data to know your visitor before, during and after their visit, onsite and online.

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Powerful multiple venue management

Simplify reporting and publishing of information across multiple venues for enterprise and government portfolios or industry associations.

View, group and aggregate data to compare performance across a portfolio of venues.

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See how Dexibit is powering our cultural future for millions of visitors worldwide

“Through the use of artificial intelligence in a platform like Dexibit,
we’ll do something that has a legacy in this institution for decades”

Trusted by leading visitor attractions

 Control where data comes from, how it’s configured and who has access

 Any data you add to Dexibit remains private and your own

 Make great business decisions with an ethical approach to privacy

 Dexibit adheres to security best practice and is third party verified

 Depended on by government organizations in 5 countries

Ready to learn how Dexibit can help you predict and analyze visitor behavior?


Free forever


Step into the world of data. Benchmark your reopening visitation against the Dexibit Recovery Index.


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$499/venue monthly


Expand your data journey. Bring your data together to a single source of truth and reduce time to insight.


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Price scaled by visitation


A transformative solution for mid sized attractions to enterprise or government venues. Predict and analyze visitor behavior to drive growth, conversion and loyalty.


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