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Venues who invest in data with Dexibit are recovering 16% faster. Choose the plan that’s right for you.


Democratize data by bringing multiple key data sources together as a single source of truth with a dashboard tool.


Per venue per month


Per venue per year including 10% discount



Democratize data, reduce time to insight and go from gut feel to insight inspired with a comprehensive analytics solution.

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Scaled by visitation


Scaled by visitation

Everything in Starter, plus:


Manage for multiple venues and service advanced enterprise requirements with a tailored data approach.

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Scaled by visitation or per venue

Everything in Growth, plus:



Manage and compare visitation statistics.

portrait rachel wolff, MIA
“I continue to be most impressed with how Dexibit worked to meet the moments of closure and reopening, not just through sharing stories and providing access to examples, but also by building multiple now essential tools.”
Rachel Wolff
- Audience Insight Analyst,
Minneapolis Institute of Art

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