Visitor Management Playbooks

Written especially for visitor attractions, these playbooks outline best practices for 10 visitor management themes. No matter whether your organization is just starting on its data journey or seasoned in big data analytics to inform strategy and operations, these guides outline insights, trends and patterns to influence and optimize growth.

We’ve designed these playbooks and videos so you can master visitor management. Discover industry specific strategies and tactics, then be inspired to create an action plan for innovation and continuous improvement at your organization.


The Ultimate Guide to Managing Visitation and Attendance

Visitation is the primary performance metric of all visitor attractions and public places as the top line of the visitor management business model.

This guide outlines best practices for managing visitation – including understanding behavior and demographics – with actionable insights from patterns and trends.

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Occupancy and Capacity Management for Safe and Happy Visitors Playbook

In the wake of COVID-19, managing capacity is a top priority for most visitor attractions to ensure safe and happy visitors.

This guide outlines best practices for optimizing capacity while mitigating breaches to optimize revenue and commercial outcomes, with actionable insights.

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Generating Engagement and Demand through Marketing Playbook

Marketing is a key component in recovery to increase engagement with audiences on multiple digital channels to drive demand for onsite visitation.

This guide outlines best practices for increasing reach, optimizing conversion, and powering growth for marketing teams.

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Visitor Experience Management Best Practices Playbook

For attractions, visitor satisfaction and outcomes are always a top priority – particularly keeping them happy and engaged. Use your visitor experience data to gain clarity on how your guests are feeling and achieve both social and commercial goals in your organization.

This guide outlines best practices for increasing visitor happiness, engagement and outcomes such as member conversion or retail purchase.

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LoyaltyImprove conversion, reduce churn and increase lifetime value

Activities – Analyze exhibitions, experiences and events for visitor outcomes

Revenue – Increase Average Revenue Per Visit (ARPV) for various lines of business

Efficiency – Balance cost saving opportunities versus visitor outcomes

Yield – Balance ticket price versus volume to optimize revenue

Portfolio – Performance manage across multiple venues

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