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Visitor Management Playbooks

Written especially for visitor attractions, these playbooks outline best practices for 10 visitor management themes. No matter whether your organization is just starting on its data journey or seasoned in big data analytics to inform strategy and operations, these guides outline insights, trends and patterns to influence and optimize growth.

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Book: Guess, Grind or AI

Leadership best practices for big data analytics and artificial intelligence in visitor attractions

Dexibit’s frameworks, methodologies and techniques to equip you and your team in making the most of your data journey to becoming insight informed. Discover ways to get started, pitfalls to watch out for and leadership tips to help make change stick – so your visitor attraction can continue innovating for generations to come.

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Whitepaper: COVID-19 Leading in Crisis, Survive then Thrive

This whitepaper analyzes the impacts of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis for the visitor attractions sector, documents its response and provides attractions professionals with guidance on how to lead in these extreme circumstances.

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Webinars: Leading in Crisis

Access live coverage or on demand viewing of Dexibit’s webinar series, Leading in Crisis, as we cover burning issues for visitor attractions. Guest speakers include The American Alliance of Museums, IAAPA, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and more.

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Podcasts: The Data Diaries

Tune in as we chat to visitor attractions futurists, scientists, experts and leaders on The Data Diaries. Guest speakers include the American Alliance of Museums, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Future of Privacy Forum and more.

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Video series: #ReopenRun 

As attractions start to open, join Angie and Cece as they explore New Zealand, one of the first countries to reopen, to see how various venues are operating post lockdown for COVID-19 – capturing the visitor point of view plus leadership interviews behind the scenes.

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Resource pack: COVID-19 Scenario simulation pack

Drive your COVID-19 response plan using this guide to identify plausible scenarios and shape effective strategies. Understand what external market conditions to analyze, which of your organization’s key metrics, plans and budgets will be affected and what pivotal decisions you need to make.

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Survive then thrive leadership framework

Navigate the all important order of actions and decisions in responding to the COVID-19 crisis through the steps of assess, respond, simulate, manage and rise.

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Resource: visitor journey map

Explore the channels and data sources across visitor discovery, engagement and retention in order to trace metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), using a funnel framework.

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Whitepaper: Insight inspired decisions in visitor attractions

This whitepaper aims to inform leaders and executives the breadth of opportunities available when their organizations embrace analytics, with practical examples and frameworks for how to do so.

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