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Drive spend and loyalty with intelligence on fun

Dexibit for commercial attractions

Theme and amusement parks

Stadiums, ski resorts, towers and wheels

Location Based Experiences (LBEs) and Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)

Casinos, malls and entertainment precincts

Who we serve

Dexibit is the #1 global provider of big data analytics for commercial attractions

The best decisions are data informed and insight inspired – intelligence on fun means understanding your guests, exceeding expectations and knowing what gets them coming back for more.

Smarter consumer insights

Do more with data on guest behavior and dive deeper into spending, revenue by lines of business and store performance to maximize per cap spend.

Intelligence on guest happiness

Identify what makes guests satisfied and correlates with commercial outcomes to deliver world class visitor experience. 

Forecast with speed and precision

Retire old spreadsheets and formulas – let artificial intelligence predict visitation, revenue and more down to the hour and up to a year ahead.

“We’ve partnered with Dexibit because they have skills, experience and knowledge to help us direct, analyze and dig through our data. We’re not spending weeks trying to pull insights.”
Jake Downing
- Head of Tourism,
Weta Workshop

Want to learn more about Dexibit?

Talk to one of our team to learn more about data in commercial attractions and case studies from industry success stories.

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