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Dexibit for cultural institutions

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Dexibit is the #1 global provider of big data analytics for cultural institutions

From art galleries to zoos, Dexibit helps cultural institutions deliver world class visitor experience while delivering on loyalty expectations and meeting the realities of commercial sustainability.

Dive deeper into visitor experience

Discover what your visitors do, say and feel – onsite and online. Use sentiment analysis and location analytics to better understand visitor behavior.

Forecast exhibition and event performance

Simulate, track and analyze the performance of public programs. Leverage artificial intelligence to optimize ticket price, scheduling and promotion – driving revenue and engagement.

Automate reporting

Save hours every week by automating reports, consolidating data across multiple systems, direct to email and complete with narrative and context.

Dexibit continues to impress us with their hunger to understand our business and our data so that we can make the best, data informed, decisions. The constant development of new, and iteration of reports, visualizations, dashboards and insights have enabled us to make information more widely and, importantly, easily available to our teams leading to more inclusive discussion and better decisions.
Rob Zschernitz
- Chief Technology Officer,
The Field Museum

Want to learn more about Dexibit?

Talk to one of our team to learn more about data in cultural institutions and case studies from industry success stories.

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