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The market leader in musedata. 

Over a billion people visit the world’s 75,000 museums each year. At Dexibit, our mission is to inspire more visitors to these and other cultural attractions by analyzing millions of experiences to arm cultural executives with artificial intelligence. We bring deep insight into visitor behavior with big data analytics.

Dexibit helps museums to increase revenue, decrease cost and maximize social value by using data to analyze the past, present and future. We’re here to change the way decisions are made, create value for visitors and relieve the burden of data administration.

Our team are data analysts, architects and scientists who understand museum transformation and the duties of cloud computing. We push boundaries and innovate using data. And just as a museum acts as a guardian of history, at Dexibit we take our responsibility of collecting and curating data very seriously.

With Dexibit, data is shaping our cultural future.



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