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Billions of people visit the world’s visitor attractions each year. At Dexibit, our insights inspire decisions to get more visitors through the doors, engaged in rich experiences and loyally returning.

We enable visitor attractions to switch from gut feel to insight informed decisions by arming them with the latest in big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Dexibit predicts and analyzes visitor behaviour to drive efficient growth. Our software as a service includes forecasts, insights, dashboards and reports which inform decisions about the past, present and future.

Our award winning team have a passionate understanding of visitor attractions and deep data science expertise. We believe democratized data, rapid time to insight and constant innovation changes the game for the world’s cultural future.

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Angie Judge

Chief Executive Officer

United States, New Zealand

Angie leads the team across the US, UK and NZ. Before founding Dexibit, Angie spent 10 years with Hewlett Packard, Amdocs and Finco, specializing in technology transformation and network analytics. Angie’s home is filled with black and white photography and she’s obsessed with waterskiing.

Justin Kearney

Chief Operating Officer

New Zealand

Justin runs Dexibit’s global business operations. Prior, he spent 20 years in the construction industry, specializing in project management, business administration and compliance. Justin is an avid snowboarder, military history buff and food snob.

Pip Gilbert

VP Product

New Zealand

Passionate about the growth of people and businesses, Pip is an expert in SaaS product management. With a creative flair she masterfully manages work and family to bring empathy and humanity to product experiences. Warning: may cartwheel at any time.

Matthew Berrigan

VP Engineering

New Zealand

A former photovoltaics scientist, Matthew dedicated his career to software development and has led agile teams for 15 years, across the US, Australia and New Zealand. Matthew has a love for poetry, painting and exploring abstraction through meditation.

Cecilia Paredes

Marketing Director

New Zealand

Cece leads the team’s marketing vision and has jumped 630ft off the Sky Tower in the name of work (despite being terrified of heights!). When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her ticking away at her typewriter or baking cupcakes.

Sarah Stone

Senior Success Manager

United States

An artist gone rogue with a background in physics, Sarah dreams of settling on a remote island staring out to stormy seas. Sarah onboards Dexibit’s new customers, provides training and advice, curating their data journey for long term success.

Alex Luneburg

Senior Data Engineer

New Zealand

As an accomplished data engineer, tech leader, and museum studies degree holder, Alex is in nerd heaven working to improve data insights in this industry. Out in the wild you might find her sailing, running (a.k.a. walking), or hiding away with a good book.

Matias Del Carlo

Senior Full Stack Engineer

New Zealand

Hailing from Argentina, Matias joined Dexibit to design and develop innovative technology. In his spare time, you’ll find him in the great outdoors (one of the reasons he moved to New Zealand) or digging around the library for a new book to read.



United States
2001 S Street
Washington DC 20009

United Kingdom
7 Henrietta Street
London WC2E 8PS

New Zealand
100 Parnell Road
Auckland, 1052

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We’re about data for good. We’ve designed our analytics on a foundation of ethics knowing macro decisions based on understanding visitors are more valuable than micro targeting individuals. All data uploaded onto our platform is redacted of personal information and further treated to protect visitor privacy. We’re proactive about preventing bias, handle censorship carefully and include ethics in data governance.


Dexibit is proudly an equal opportunity employer which celebrates diversity, inclusion and equity. We encourage our team to be themselves at work and to respect, support and encourage each other to do the same, by our team values.


We’re enthusiastic about contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. Our teams are based in environmentally conscious offices, with our headquarters in the award winning 6 Green Star Geyser Building. Dexibit uses up to 84% less power than traditional on premise infrastructures and reduces carbon emissions by up to 88% by being on the cloud.