Power your cultural future with Dexibit. 

Billions of people visit the world’s visitor attractions each year. At Dexibit, our mission is to inspire more visitors through the doors, get them engaged in rich experiences and encourage loyalty. At a time when many institutions in the industry are facing the ‘cultural crunch’: reducing grants, gifts and fierce competition for visitor attention, we arm these attractions with the latest in big data analytics and artificial intelligence to change the game.

Dexibit predicts, analyzes and reports on visitor behavior and venue performance with unique insight. Our software as a service enables visitor attractions to increase revenue, efficiency and social impact through data informed decisions about the past, present and future. Plus, we make life managing a busy institution much easier! We’re here to change the way decisions are made, create value for visitors and relieve the burden of data administration.

Our award winning team have a passionate understanding of the cultural sector and deep data science expertise. We believe in democratizing data in the institution, rapid time to insight and beautifully simple user experience design. We work hand in hand with our clients, partners and industry, powering our cultural future. Love data and dinos too? Join us!


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