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Ensure visitors are safe and happy

Achieve financial sustainability

Power efficient growth

Put your reopening results into context, benchmark with peers in the industry

Easily analyze how your reopening visitation compares to the same time last year. See your venue’s visitation pattern after reopening – including how it’s recovering daily, weekly, and monthly.

Is your reopening visitation normal compared to the industry? Benchmark and compare with your neighbors or similar attractions elsewhere, without exposing granular visitation data.

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Capacity management and optimization

Manage your venue’s capacity with confidence – monitor in near real time,  explore trends and insights.

Designed for visitor experience teams wanting to identify the building’s current occupancy, remaining capacity, occupancy by room or space and breach instances.

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Measure guest happiness by analyzing reviews and surveys

In the age of COVID-19, understanding the impact of safety procedures on visitor experience is integral. How do your guests feel about their visit? Did they have a great time? Did they feel safe?

Artificial intelligence scans online reviews and in-house surveys to identify common themes, including positive comments and those that may highlight areas of improvement.

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Fast forward scenario planning with simulations

Prepare and set expectations for your team by planning for an uncertain future.

Create best, worst and most probable scenarios which reflect uncertain market conditions, such as rolling closures, reduced tourism, opening operations, capacity limits and more.

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Rich insights on visitor behavior – before, during and after their visit

As you navigate recovery, use data to optimize visitation, capacity, marketing, experience, revenue and loyalty.

Take a deep dive into where visitors come from, your venue’s attrition or no show rate, which factors influence returning visitors and more. These actionable insights are designed to inspire your team’s COVID-19 recovery response, so you can make the most of your reopening.

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Want to see how big data analytics can assist your venue’s COVID-19 response?

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