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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Visitation and Attendance

Leading your team to democratize data and be insight inspired begins with a strong foundation.

COVID-19 has introduced several paradigm shifts in visitation patterns, trends and behaviors. With this in mind, we’re going back to basics – to the core of visitor management: managing visitation.

This 17 page guide outlines best practices for managing visitation in attractions. Discover actionable insights you can implement with leadership, strategic and operational teams.

What's inside:

With this playbook, lead your team to:

  • Develop a common understanding of how you recognize visitation through intentional, clear business rules
  • Know your visitation north star goal and track goal achievement
  • Understand your growth metrics and how these benchmark to industry
  • Strategically and operationally plan for performance, with scenarios for uncertainty
  • Analyze core visitation patterns and trends
  • Analyze key audience insights such as demographic, origin and channel
  • Measure visitation outcomes through conversions
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