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Actionable data stories to optimize growth, experience, loyalty and more

Discover the magic of data stories that inspire. Uncover more about your visitors’ behavior before, during and after their visit – onsite and online. From ticketing, memberships, WiFi, revenue and more, use our leading industry insights to reach a new level of actionable value from your data.

Go deeper on visitor behavior

Through our leading industry expertise and applied data science, use Dexibit to uncover and explore rich data stories and innovative data insights.

Dexibit’s insights come complete with text narratives to assist with interpreting key takeaways for those new to data.


A picture tells a thousand words

Discover new ways to explore your data with stunning interactive visualizations that bring visitors and their behavior to life. 

Use these insights to discover new opportunities and continuous improvements to deliver a world class visitor experience while powering efficient growth.

Machine learning, natural language and location analytics

Go beyond simply visualizing your data with advanced analytics and data science – without the need for inhouse data specialists.

Benefit from Dexibit’s industry leading investment in data science research and development, specific to visitor attractions.

Dexibit’s data analytics insights

Analyze visitor patterns, opening days and operating hours and the impacts of public programming

Improve visitor happiness, engagement and spend while understanding what visitors do once through the door

Optimize visitor acquisition cost versus demand with digital reach, engagement and conversion, plus origin analysis

Manage breaches, optimize visitation and analyze attrition under occupancy or ticket allowance constraints

Improve average revenue per visit across ticket yield and other lines of business, such as shop and cafe

Analyze membership conversion, optimize for life time value and improve renewal versus churn

“We’ve partnered with Dexibit because they have skills, experience and knowledge to help us direct, analyze and dig through our data. We’re not spending weeks trying to pull insights.”
Jake Downing
- Head of Tourism,
Weta Workshop

Want to learn more about Dexibit?

Talk to one of our team to hear more about insights and case studies on using advanced analytics to drive growth.

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