Data stories that inspire

Know your visitor before, during and after their visit, onsite and online.
Discover recommendations to respond to factors impacting your visitors’ decisions, then action and track return on investment.

Go deep on visitor behavior

Let your curiosity lead you into a world of data stories, backed by pioneering technology.

Cognitive and behavioral science with the power of advanced analytics reveals innovative opportunities for world class visitor experiences and efficient growth.

Realize the magic of correlation

Stop looking at data in silos and start connecting the pieces in your data puzzle to see the whole picture.

Bring data from marketing, visitor services, finance, operations and more together to see a unique view of your data that uncovers invaluable insights.

Explore how weather, events, marketing, pricing, seasonality and more impacts visitor and commercial outcomes.

Harness the power of data science

Discover untapped value in your data through applying industry focused advanced analytics such as machine learning, natural language and location analytics.

Few visitor attractions have the benefit of dedicated data science and engineering departments, let alone alone a global dataset for research. At Dexibit, we do the research and development so you don’t have to.

Dexibit’s advanced analytics insights

Optimize visitation

Continuously improve visitation, demand, visitor origin, impacts of public programming and more.

Optimize capacity

Continuously improve visitation and commercial outcomes under capacity constraints.

Optimize marketing

Continuously improve digital reach, engagement and funnel conversion.

Optimize experience

Continuously improve visitor happiness, engagement and spend.

Optimize revenue

Continuously improve unit economics including visitor acquisition cost and average revenue per visitor.

Optimize loyalty

Continuously improve membership and analyze the factors that influence returning visitors.

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