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Design and automate beautiful data communications to encourage informed collaboration across your team

Don’t let reporting be a chore.
Create and automate visual reports your team will love. 

Beautiful reports with contextualized data

Turn boring reports into informative data stories and efficiently communicate the impact of your work. 

With Dexibit’s drag and drop report design interface, bring life to your data with visualization, text and images. 

Automate PDF reports directly to email

From all-hands summaries to executive updates, schedule your reports to send anytime, hands free.

Plus, access an auditable archive of reports previously sent, to see what your data looked like at the time. 

Set and forget with relative dates

Simplify report preparation with date ranges which automatically adjusting the historic or forward view of your data based on the date your report is due to be sent.

portrait rachel wolff, MIA
“I continue to be most impressed with how Dexibit worked to meet the moments of closure and reopening, not just through sharing stories and providing access to examples, but also by building multiple now essential tools.”
Rachel Wolff
- Audience Insight Analyst,
Minneapolis Institute of Art

Want to learn more about Dexibit?

Talk to one of our team to hear more about dashboards and case studies on using data to drive growth.

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