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How Dexibit works

Integrate data from your software, hardware and digital  systems into Dexibit for dashboards, reports, insights and forecasts, with ready built visualizations designed specifically for visitor attractions

Democratize data, reduce time to insight and power growth with Dexibit’s comprehensive analytics solution and unique data concierge. 

Personalized dashboards, for you or to share

Create and share dashboards with ease with Dexibit’s industry specific visualization library and powerful studio – the data you need, the way you want it. 

Automated reports, for hands free updates

Send PDF reports via email with powerful relative dates and the ability to add your own narrative alongside visualizations and context. 

Intelligent insights to power growth

From understanding the distance travelled by visitor origin to analyzing visitor pathways and dwell time onsite, access advanced analytics illustrated with creative and interactive visualizations

Rapid, precise forecasts with machine learning

Predict visitation, revenue and more – down to the hour and up to a year ahead, with machine learning models specifically developed for visitor attractions and interactive simulations for scenario planning

A single source of truth, automated across all your data

Bring together what’s happening online – website, social, email and reviews

Mix data across all your visitor related systems, including ticketing, CRM, POS and more

Leverage onsite infrastructure such as footfall, WiFi or RFID for location analytics

Capture the calendar of what’s happening in and around your venue, including weather and tourism 

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