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Product Update

What’s new at Dexibit?

2021 has been the year of modernization.

We’re here to empower places people love to visit. We’re on a mission to create the ultimate data analytics  and AI solution for visitor attractions all over the world. So you can analyze and predict visitor behavior to make winning strategic decisions.

Here’s how we improved our product in 2021: 

1. Dashboards with React Framework

The biggest change came from our creation of the brand new dashboard using the React Framework. Not only did this make our customer’s experience more simple and extensible but it also made the loading and processing of data a whole lot faster.

2. Improved Toolbox and Studio 

With the creation of our revolutionary Toolbox and studio functionality, we’ve given the ultimate editing power to our users so that they can configure any visualization themself. Like picking candy in a store we’ll continue to focus on enabling you to pick and choose your visualization’s attributes based on your needs.

3. Improved Reporting

We’ve started on modernizing our reporting ..with the very first step of users being able to download their new dashboards as PDF. We’ve also started focusing on increasing the granularity of data available in our product by enabling customers to report on their revenue items as well as categories. 

4. Automation

We’ve automated the opening hours for all venues based on Google places opening hours. As long as you keep these up to date, your information and our forecasts will be updated. Of course you can still override the opening hours manually for your special events in the Almanac (multi faceted calendar).

Check out our features in more detail below:

To serve visitor attractions best, here’s the future of our product:

1. Unified Industry Insight

We’re focusing on R&D investment in a unified industry insight. We launched our visitation recovery index during the pandemic, but there’s a lot more to come from us with sector specific benchmarks. Imagine forecasting your venue’s visitation based on what is happening across different venues in your industry! It’s the next generation in our machine learning, and a super exciting space for our data science team to explore.

2. Transparency and control of customer’s data

At Dexibit we bring all your data together under one roof to both democratize data and unlock your valuable insights. We integrate with over 60 leading industry vendors, common digital platforms and data warehouses. We know you want to get hands on with integrating, modelling, mapping, tracing and even troubleshooting your data. So this year we’ve started investing in our new data automation platform. 

3. Modernization

Modernization means making visualizations, dashboards and reports easy and simple. This past year we’ve been modernizing our application to be faster, more dynamic and user friendly – we’ll be continuing this upgrade across the product – and as you’ve seen from us so far, we’re not just meeting parity, but exceeding what our software has been able to do in the past.

portrait rachel wolff, MIA
“I continue to be most impressed with how Dexibit worked to meet the moments of closure and reopening, not just through sharing stories and providing access to examples, but also by building multiple now essential tools.”
Rachel Wolff
- Head of Data Strategy and Insights,
Minneapolis Institute of Art

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As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

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Download Data Audit Workbook

As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.

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As the global leader in big data analytics for visitor attractions, Dexibit takes privacy seriously. Read more about how we treat your privacy.