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Field Museum

Field Museum was established in 1921 and is located on Chicago's iconic Lake Michigan shore.

Since opening the Museum in 1894, their collection has grown to nearly 40 million artifacts and specimens. The breadth of their mission has expanded, too. They continue to research the objects in our collections, as well as document previously unknown species, conserve ecosystems in their backyard and across the globe, educate budding scientists, invite cross-cultural conversation, and more—all to ensure that our planet thrives for generations to come. Field Museum sees over 1.35 million visitors a year.

Dexibit continues to impress us with their hunger to understand our business and our data so that we can make the best, data informed, decisions. The constant development of new, and iteration of reports, visualizations, dashboards and insights have enabled us to make information more widely and, importantly, easily available to our teams leading to more inclusive discussion and better decisions.
Rob Zschernitz
- Chief Technology Officer,
The Field Museum

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