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Overcome siloes by democratizing data – get everyone in your organization on the same page, in their own way.
Dexibit’s Dashboards free your team from time consuming spreadsheets and confusing tools so they can do more with less.


Free: Visitation dashboard with industry benchmarks

Analyze your venue’s COVID-19 recovery with Dexibit’s unique Recovery Index.

Assess your organization’s visitation compared to the equivalent time last year and rate of recovery. Then, compare your results with peers globally and locally.

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Bring your data together under one roof

Connect everything you know about your visitors before, during and after their visit, onsite and online.

From ticketing and point of sale to WiFi and digital, combine different datasets from various systems across departments. Empower informed decision making with a trusted single source of truth.

Build personalized dashboards

Create and find new ways of visualizing data on visitors and their behavior.

Choose from our library of prebuilt visualizations or design your own to easily create comprehensive views that can be shared with your team.

Benchmark performance and recovery

Analyze your market position and put your results into context – compare against visitor attractions globally or nearby as your venue reopens and recovers.

Assess your organization’s percent of normal, rate of recovery and unit economics by geography, segment and size.

“Dexibit provides a clean solution for active attendance and KPI monitoring, which has been especially relevant since opening. Prior to using Dexibit, we needed to pull this information directly from our ticketing system, put it into Excel, and manually insert our budget goals. Dexibit does this automatically, which saves a lot of time for our staff. With the insights available in Dexibit, we can now focus on understanding underlying factors and trends in our attendance, where they’re coming from, and how this informs operational decisions. We’re now sharing Dexibit with the wider team at the Aquarium to drive data insights into their daily routines.”

John Rouse
VP of Operations, Aquarium of the Pacific 

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