Insight Bites: Generating Demand through Marketing

Insight Bites: Generating Demand through Marketing

Check out our mini-masterclasses on how to generate demand via marketing:

Target markets and visitor origin

Find out the different ways to analyze where your visitors come from – and what that tells you about who they are and how they experience their visit. 

Digital reach and engagement

Dive into the online world of organic and sponsored content to explore how your venue reaches and engages audiences digitally.

Online to onsite conversion

Check out innovative new ways to identify the impact of digital engagement on onsite visitation – and how to increase it.

Campaign attribution and ad return

Discover how to attribute success to your marketing efforts, calculating return on ad spend.

Earned media and press monitoring

Whether by free or paid solutions, track media mentions and analyze the impact of your public relations efforts.

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Generating Engagement and Demand through Marketing

Generating Engagement and Demand through Marketing

Fuel growth with demand management to increase your marketing reach, engagement and conversion – offsite and online, paid and organic.

Marketing is a key component in recovery to increase engagement with audiences on digital channels. Particularly to drive demand for onsite visitation upon reopening.

This guide outlines best practices for increasing reach, optimizing conversion, and powering growth for marketing teams. Discover how to best redefine target markets geographically, analyze performance by digital channel, optimize digital and onsite conversion, attribute campaign success, monitor earned media and press mentions

What's inside:

With this playbook, lead your team to:

  • Analyze audiences and visitor target markets, including by visitor origin and distance travelled
  • Compare channel performance, such as in advance bookings versus walk ups, Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and more
  • Determine online funnel conversion, including the relationship between online and onsite visitation
  • Calculate the Visitor Acquisition Cost (VAC) and compare campaign performance
  • Discover how to track and analyze earned media, such as news mentions 
Grab a hot drink and sit back to enjoy this mini masterclass series on demand generation f…
Rob Baker, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) …

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Generating demand at MoMA with Rob Baker

Generating demand at MoMA with Rob Baker

Rob Baker, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) reflects on two reopenings in as many years, after the Museum’s temporary closure for a significant renovation before COVID-19.

Rob covers how MoMA has positioned and communicated with a primarily now local audience during the crisis while engaging the world online with viral and newsworthy moments like its comedic take on Kim Kardashian’s birthday trip. With a fast tracked digital transformation of the visitor experience now driving advance online bookings, we hear about how the call to action in MoMA’s marketing has changed.

Plus, hear Rob’s expectations and plans for the year ahead as the industry navigates rebuilding demand once vaccine rollouts are in progress and tourism begins to heat up.

Show notes

Get in on the action by tweeting your favorite Kardashian inspired piece from MoMA’s collection: 

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